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Pastor Tom Cromwell

     When my wife Connie and I attended Rhema Bible Training College in the mid 80's, our lives were drastically changed. The Bible came alive and we begin to learn about the person and operations of the Holy Spirit. We’ve been on this journey of learning and growing ever since.
     We have been in Mid-Missouri for the past 32 years. We love seeing impossible situations changed and turned around by the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.
     There are so many people who have experienced deep trauma in their lives. Some situations seem so hopeless and yet the transforming power of God is greater than any trauma.

     Helping children and young people discover some of their gifts and callings is another joy. Our student services are geared towards their growth and spiritual development.

     Whether you are just starting to walk out of life’s challenges or looking for a place to serve and grow, there is room for you and your family in LWWC.


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